June 24, 2017

Singapore Photo Diary - Part One

And here are some of the photos from our trip to Singapore. Poleng and I had an endless walking sessions from streets to streets, train to train and what not, admiring the city's beauty and we pig out less tbh. The weather isn't so nice to us on our first day, two words: heavy rain, that is just right after we drop off our luggage in our Airbnb and what's unfortunate is that none of us got an umbrella. Luckily, our Uber driver voluntarily crossed the street to fetch us with his umbrella. And the following days were fine and clear.


See Haji Lane: cute and dainty things and store facades you can obviously see along the street. A must when you're an absolute lover of anything cute and artsy things in life.

 Henderson Waves: It was a long way up but definitely worth to climb the stairs to for its magnificent view from almost seventy four meters above sea level. It's a long bridge that resembles the waves of the sea.

One Altitude Bar: yes, we went to a bar to see the night view of the city. We didn't had a drink there 'cause we already had a drink before we got here.

Wait till you see the part two!!

Photos by me and Poleng

x, N

June 08, 2017


It's nearly the time of the month of June and I was inspired by Bonobos to dedicate this post to all the Dads out there, including mine who showered their parenting love and care to us. I'm going to share my Dad's style and how he blends in with us, the millennials. And if you're stumbling on a father's day gift, check out their style here.
2010 photo and in fact he's totally sporting that bomber jacket till now.
He's a jeans/pants type of a person like me and I was attempting to borrow his bomber but the size's just not for me and that is not cool so instead I went through his closet and fish out anything I could shoot for an outfit post, see here where I put on my Dad's sweater polo and style it and here where I put on my Dad's plaid button down polo long sleeves that is obviously too oversize for me.
His styles are pretty much consistent lately, jeans or pants, polo shirt with short sleeves and Adidas sneakers!

See what I mean, how he really blends in with us? Such a cutiepie
How about you, what's your Dad's style like? Don't forget to check out Bonobos for your Dad!

x, N

May 12, 2017

Boom Boom

In between those months that I was MIA, a little social life is a must to go through each and every single day (thanks to my lovely friends), sometimes catching up with some of my dearly friends after work, going to bazaars on Sundays (twice last month, not all the time) whilst sacrificing my only rest day but still worth it and having an endless battle with time, feelings and situation, endless.

Mentioned above, I've gone to a bazaar last month knowing that the online store Atom will be there and I needed a speaker that is good for travelling although I've been eyeing for much bigger size than this but this will do for now, it's small but the sound is loud and it's pretty cool thing! It also comes with different colors: black, gold, silver, and rose gold. This will be handy when travelling which I'm pretty excited about so watch out for my instastory or snapchat for that! ♡

Atom's Instagram here.

x, N