March 31, 2013

Summer heat

Mango top || Cotton On bottom || Topshop shoes || DIY flower crown
photos by Lois Eileen Marella
I'm spoiling myself wearing shorts today because I can't wear shorts at school (school rules. booo!). Btw, I put on a light black eyeliner (Yaay for progress!). It's not really visible from afar but when you zoom that in you'll see. Anyways, I pretty much feelin' the summer vibes here in the Philippines ☀ but holy week is OVER and school days will be resumed by tomorrow(saddening). Tons of school works to do but I'll keep things in track. :) xx

March 28, 2013

Immersion Day 2

walked about 15-20 mins to the field where we could harvest

With Nanay Auring who we lived with

This is the last day of our stay in Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac. We woke up four in the morning because we have to cook for our breakfast and our call time is six in the morning. After that, we walk and walk until we reached the field where we could harvest eggplants. We really feel the heat while walking and I think I might passed out but of course I didn't. After harvesting eggplants, it's time to go back and take a rest and cook food for our lunch (btw I didn't eat lunch there I eat lunch when we arrived to a stop-over). For four hours, we have to wait and take a rest because the call time is one in the afternoon. In that four hours waiting, all we do is to eat (we buy ice candy from a small store near the house and we buy buko pandan from a small kid). When I had enough on eating, I sleep (sounds like a lifestyle of a pig, right? lol). Anyways, we have to say goodbye to Nanay Auring which is the owner of the house and the kids also said goodbye to us.

I'll miss everything about there especially the morning breeze. 

Immersion Day 1

Workshop with ze kids

Aren't they creative?

Meet Naldrin, the one I work with

Hello from Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac! We traveled 2-3 hours from Manila to Tarlac just to experience the lifestyle of the farmers living there. All the people there are wearing smile on their faces even though they're having money problems in life. Well, it is a requirement for our nstp class. And btw, we actually feel the heat there (summer vibes, lol).

On that day, we're scheduled to live with Nanay Auring's house and frankly speaking we're all very feel at home. But of course we adjust a little for them. They used their 'Kapampangan' language and we don't understand a thing but once they know that we don't understand their language they're the one who adjust for us (isn't touching on our part?). Then after having lunch, we had a workshop program for the kids there. Then on that evening, we had a cultural night where we should perform for the people living there. So, we sing 2 mash-up songs (passenger seat-upside down/ teenage dream-just the way you are). After that, we had our time to have a rest.

March 27, 2013

A Fresh Start

photos by +Jolina Paula Turqueza
Forever 21 top || Cotton On pants || Topshop shoes
Finally, finally! I posted something after 9854859468 years (exaggerating). I usually plan my outfits especially if I feel the day, I'll wear something pretty and nice and then my friends would react like wow what's up today something like that and then they'll give me some odd look. Anyways, we took this at school before our class starts. Btw, I actually wishing for a studded loafers and finally I had one. Yaay!