April 22, 2013

Geekly Chic

wearing: top from Singapore, Cotton On pants, Toms shoes, nerdy glasses from Poleng
♥ SG Earth. I've been wanting to wear a nerdy glasses and look like a nerd for a day. But hey, hell week is finally over and that means i'm free as a bird (say hello to summer!). This weekend me and my family will go hit the beach and have some fun and relax a bit from their very stressful works. Anyways, i've been watching 'Flipped' for several times this month and whenever i watched it there's still a "kilig" factor. Oh and another thing, i recently in love with this Thailand song and it's really catchy for me and i'm inviting you to listen to this song and i'm pretty sure you'll gonna love it! ;)

April 17, 2013

A Sweet Escape

wearing: Bayo top, Cache Cache shorts, Keds shoes, Penshoppe bracelet, Ray Ban sunglasses
photos by Erica Marella
Here's what i wore on our second day stay at Subic. I come up with this floral idea and then i paired it with a denim shorts and it turned out pretty great even though it's a last minute outfit. I took this opportunity to have a shot under the tree because it's simple and pretty classic (don't you think?).

Here are some photos from our sweet escape weekend!

'cause we're COOL LIKE THAT! YOLO
my morning face. i'm eating cereal
i'm now a niggah 

April 05, 2013

In the Blue

Don't we love wearing blue? lol
photos by +Jolina Paula Turqueza 
Next top || Uniqlo leggings || Keds shoes || Jansport bag || Round glasses from Jekaloja Accessories
Here's an outfit i wore on April fool's day. Polka dots leggings is fun to match with a plain top and a shoes, loafers or anything that makes you comfortable. I paired mine with a John Lennon kind of  glasses and i find it pretty cool and vintage! x