May 27, 2013

About the denim

wearing: Next Jeans denim vest, Fashion Infinity skirt, Sis's bag, Converse sneakers

This is what I wore on a Saturday night. One of my favorite pieces for this summer is the denim vest. It puts a playful touch and easy to wear with skirts, leggings, shorts and jeans. For this look I chose to wear sneakers to add some boyish style look (chic boyish style). I wore this look for window shopping and to my friend's birthday dinner which just shows you how versatile it is.

May 19, 2013

Dropping by

  1. 守護星(shou hu xing) - Fahrenheit
  2. 愛情闖進門 (ai qing chuang jin men | When Love Walked In) - BY2
  3. 我戀愛了 (wo lian ai le | I'm In Love) - Angela Zhang
  4. 新窩 (xin wo)- Fahrenheit and S.H.E.
  5. 你要的不是我 (ni yao de bu shi wo) - JJ Lin
My top 5 playlist songs for the month of May. Recently, I was watching lots of series and download the songs which I was listening to now. I feel happy and alive when I listen to these songs except the last song i find it lonely which is the other side of me. I just finished watching When Love Walked In (愛情闖進門) yesterday and I wish I could still continue to watch more series because school will start in two days from now. So here's the reason why my mind was out of this world during summer.

May 13, 2013

Tee and Studs

wearing: Jewels  top, Crissa jeansTopshop loafers

A laid-back outfit that was taken before our finals. It's perfect for spring and summer (which i'm experiencing right now). Also, I do think that studs makes my outfit look classy yet simple. This outfit makes me feel comfortable which is why I love simplicity.

May 10, 2013

Simple but classy

wearing: top Uniqlo, Fashion Infinity skirt, Aldo shoes borrowed from sis, Aldo bag borrowed from sis
Here's a simple look for a bonding day with my family. We're supposed to watch a movie that day but unfortunately all the seats had been taken so we end up shopping and eating. It's a great day as well because we had our time to bond together even just for a day.