May 19, 2013

Dropping by

  1. 守護星(shou hu xing) - Fahrenheit
  2. 愛情闖進門 (ai qing chuang jin men | When Love Walked In) - BY2
  3. 我戀愛了 (wo lian ai le | I'm In Love) - Angela Zhang
  4. 新窩 (xin wo)- Fahrenheit and S.H.E.
  5. 你要的不是我 (ni yao de bu shi wo) - JJ Lin
My top 5 playlist songs for the month of May. Recently, I was watching lots of series and download the songs which I was listening to now. I feel happy and alive when I listen to these songs except the last song i find it lonely which is the other side of me. I just finished watching When Love Walked In (愛情闖進門) yesterday and I wish I could still continue to watch more series because school will start in two days from now. So here's the reason why my mind was out of this world during summer.

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