July 30, 2013

Dog days are over

Uniqlo top, BNY jeans, Keds shoes, Girl's Haven bag, sis's round glasses, Arm candies gifted. Photos by Poleng.

Been doing photoshoot recently with Poleng because we got nothing else to do, we have 3 hours break before our next class like wow right? Anyways, I found a perfect spot this time somewhere near school. I've been wanting to have this kind of shot with grassy background and rays of sunlight like some photos in tumblr which I find it pretty cool, plus there are few people and cars passing by in that area so it was really a perfect spot for me. 

July 25, 2013

Whiskey # 3

 Bermuda Fashion top, iFassion skorts, Converse shoes, sis's leather jacket. Photos by Erica.
 Another way to make the Jack Daniel's top hipster.

July 22, 2013

Whiskey # 2

 Bermuda Fashion top, Uniqlo leggings, Topshop shoes, Next Jeans vest, Girl's Haven bag. Photos by Erica.
A fashionable way to wear Jack Daniel's top. I added arm candies to give it a little spice in it, plus the one beside my watch is not really a bracelet it's only a hairband also to give a spice to my outfit.

Whiskey # 1

Bermuda Fashion top, Forever21 shorts, Topshop shoes, Jekaloja Accessories round glasses. Photos by Erica.

 Last weekend was a very nice weekend to spent a day hanging out with my siblings although one is MIA. Watched the awesome 'Despicable Me 2', it was so awesome like I want to watch it over and over again (Agnes is so cute!). We drove from Greenhills to the Fort and do some outfit shots where the environment looks so much better. Oh and I like the last photo here, taking a photo holding two jar of cheese curls while ignoring some people looking. 

July 16, 2013

Fashion reblogs

All images from tumblr.
Fashion is one of my thing and these are some of my fashion likes. Browsing a lot of fashion ideas and by that i mean a lot. Plus the photoshoot environment, oh i wish we could have something like that here in Manila.

July 13, 2013

Little Miss

sis's crop top, Fashion Infinity skirt, Converse shoes. Photos by Poleng.
Quick post! Back in the mostly-non-people-around sixth floor of the SDA building to knock myself out to take some outfit shot because exams are over so basically i'm in holiday mood. I was suppose to show the real crop top thing but i said 'no, the school outfit rules won't allow it' so i tuck it in which makes it a little decent.

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July 07, 2013

Burger Project

Surprised Avy (wearing blue) since her birthday is on Sunday
Plus her, Malto

Midterms is finally over. Been busy these days (school projects and stuffs). Speaking of project, my friend Avy (vychug.blogspot.com) treat us to lunch at Burger Project to celebrate her birthday with us, so sweet right? Oh and I also recommend you to try this burger, I'm telling you you're going to love it. Making your own burger is the best! Angus Beef + tomato + onion + bacon + egg + lettuce + ketchup= AWESOME.x