September 23, 2013

Blurred Lines

A much needed compliment in reality
Illustrations from Belinda Love Lee
Currently my resembles my mood
First photo from my instagram; Second and third photo from tumblr.

Here's something I haven't done in a while and I guess this is the longest eye lust post I've ever posted filled with lots of picturesque. Lately, shooting hasn't been an option thanks to busy schedule. So I've decided to share what I've been up to these past few weeks admiring photos on tumblr and some art blogs, also decided to share some interior stuffs since it's related to my course and I'm pretty sure I will be needing this when the time comes.

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke for you to enjoy! x

September 13, 2013

Crop that top

Bermuda Fashion top, Forever21 shorts, Topshop loafers. Photos by Lois.
I don't usually wear crop top probably not outside but I gathered enough courage to wear 'em with minimal skin exposure during a day trip adventure to Nuvali. I'm telling you wearing crop top outside isn't bad at all you'll just have to ignore some curious slash odd people passing by you and be confident.

September 08, 2013

We Own The Night

The Imaginist, Kiki Li based in Hong Kong.
Fashiononymous, Zoe Suen based in Hong Kong.
Fashiondity, Delvanni Q based in Indonesia.
Some of the sketches slash inspirations I've been working on after taking my finals. Been scrolling up and down through their blogs for half a year now and I decided to draw them. I'll be posting more of these so stay tuned. x

We Own The Night by The Wanted. I came across to this song a few minutes ago and can't stop listening to it!

September 05, 2013

Let's have a toast

Singapore Laksa
Lemon Iced Tea and Milo Dinosaur
Kaya Toast

A quick visit to Toast Box at Nuvali where most of the people were there relaxing and enjoying the eco-friendly environment. Toast Box is a Singaporean franchise which started out as a small food unit in Singapore and now expanded all over Singapore as well in Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Philippines. From its vintage interior setting, you'll definitely be love at first sight like I did. A cozy place to start off your day right, make sure to at least try their specialty drinks. x

September 04, 2013

Oh my Stripes

Cotton On top, BNY jeans, Keds shoes. Photos by Avy.
Officially on term break but I guess this term break will be adjusting my schedule for the next term. And right before the finals end I treated myself a drink which is obvious in the photos above to make myself happy. Of course, nothing beats simplicity and yet comfy feeling especially when going to school.

September 01, 2013

Fading memory

Elephant drawing imitated Jamie Catt's work.

 It's ber-month already, time flies so fast!
Here's a piece of art slash doodle of mine on the month of August. x