October 20, 2013

BDJ Fair 2013: Make It Happen

We wore the BDJ volunteer shirt and there's a lot of people in the comfort room.
Loot bags with sponsored products inside which we packed before the fair started.
Sponsored products: Skin White and Naturelle eau de toilette
Sponsored products: Mongol and Huggies // There's actually many more sponsored products.
 After our shift with our haggard faces.
Morning shifts volunteers
Kristine, Marjorie, Lady, Roselle, Julianne.

BDJ fair is where they launch the Belle De Jour Planner for 2014. They have lots of awesome sponsors plus awesome prizes to be given away. They also have lots of games such as scavenger hunt, wall climbing and bungee jumping; They also have photo booth and talks with guest stars. It was a very fun day for me since me and my friends volunteered to make the BDJ fair a successful one though it was also very tiring. We also surprised one of my friends, Roselle, although the surprise is super late by almost a month so I guess she's really surprised. Overall, the fair is one of the tough day of my life but I really enjoyed the things that happened. We were able to bond after a very long time and with this event, this day became a memorable one to each and every one of us. 

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