October 31, 2013

Out of Nowhere

Get Laud top, sis's skirt, Keds sneakers, Girl's Haven bag. Photos by Poleng.
We've gone adventure on the streets near our school and these photos are the result of it. As you can see, I love the pole (-ng) so much lol, it's just that I have no idea where to put my hands so I hold on to the pole as an alternative. Anyways, I'm currently enjoying my long weekend loaded with tons of candies. Happy Halloween! 

Have you guys thought of who/what you'll be dressing up for Halloween? I'd probably be Minnie Mouse although I have no photo of it ha-ha.


  1. I love your laid back look and your skirt highlights your whole outfit. clever.


  2. Post a photo of your Halloween outfit xxx


  3. I love to but unfortunately I don't have one :(


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