October 05, 2014


 Wearing: Forever 21 top, Cotton On shorts, Topshop loafers

 I feel like a bum when it comes to updating my blog. So here it is, a back post taken two months ago together with my previous posts cause shooting isn't going well with my schedule as of the moment. 

More updates would be on my instagram: @nikkimarella

August 20, 2014

Wild Heart

 Wearing: @dmyfashion top, Topshop slip on, hat borrowed from Poleng

Having someone influenced you talking about all minimalist things kinda made you into one, well almost. And it gives me a thought of doing so as well, hopefully.

Thankful that it's holiday tomorrow and knowing that I don't have classes on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays, it's going to be a long weekend! Considering this as giving myself a feast of food whilst slouching on our couch and enjoying re-runs of gossip girl. Pretty imaginable but I'll also work my butt off from time to time doing art stuffs which is basically normal for every artsy fancy person like me, can't imagine life without it. xx

July 27, 2014


Wearing: Cotton On dress, True Love denim, Converse

Obviously, the most basic and easiest thing to wear - stripes and denim. It's convenient for me to wear skirts than pants on rainy season. However, sneakers will never be okay during rainy season. I'm still in the midst of hunting the perfect rain jelly flats. So there you go, another basics on a lazy rainy season (though it's sunny in the pictures, mehehe).

July 18, 2014

What You Know

Wearing: Trendphile tee, mom's pants, Converse shoes

I must say hoarding from my mom's wardrobe will always be the best. I just always find good items in it just like my favourite store. There are just some stuff in it that feels like vintage-y and oldie but nopes! I knew it will be a good steal and that I can pull it off (Well, haha, kidding!). This jegging-ish pants is older than me (believe it or not) and I love how it's comfy and soft on the skin though the texture is kinda thick and not meant for the summer-ish season. But it's still a good steal, don't you think?

Constantly stating hundreds of reason on my mind right now for a long hiatus on this blog but once again apologizing for that. But I'm so glad I'm typing a post right now to share with you guys after (insert numbers here).

In addition to this post, I'm freakishly happy when Isabella of views of now reposted my artwork, link here. And because of that I reached 500 followers on my instagram! Thank you very much you guys are the best, especially Isabella thank you! xx

May 22, 2014

Hey Love

wearing: Cotton On top, Forever 21 shorts
A last minute outfit that popped out of my head during holy week. I've been stuck on i-have-no-clothes-to-wear while looking at pile of clothes right in front of me. Frankly speaking, this is a major problem but sometimes I'm up to play dress-up and that rarely happens.

Anyway, this is my way of procrastinating (blogging) it's because I'll be taking my midterms tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So wish me luck! xo

May 11, 2014

Summer in the City

wearing: Topshop top and boots.
And because of this insane heat I'm experiencing right now here's the result of it. Camisole and skort which really goes together very well (at least for me). I have to say, this camisole is really perfect for summer and to those who doesn't have yet I recommend it for all you guys. 

I felt so bad that I haven't posted for a month, sorry. So I'm blogging right now to update myself and this blog. Have a happy week ahead! xo

March 30, 2014


Mossimo Mint green top, Forever21 stripes top, Bermuda Fashion pink crop top.  
And finals is finally over! Now I have time to make this post and.. I wanna share with you guys this long overdue photo shoot last month for my friend's food magazine. The theme is Summer, as represented by the fruits and colour scheme. Speaking about Summer, we're currently experiencing an extreme heat in this insane tropical country. I feel like I wanna live inside the fridge just to beat the heat *exhales*  

Another school term will begin on April Fool's day and my mind is such a mess right now so wish me all the best to get through this term. xo

Photos by Noreen Jazul // Make-up by Sandra Agno and Shamira Mojica

March 17, 2014

I Wanna Go

Trendphile tee, Jellybean shorts, Topshop loafers, Sunnies by Charlie.
Found a new spot which is way better than shooting around my neighbourhood. Just staring at that beautiful mural makes me feel calm and relax (something about its color, obviously).

I've been drowning with school works these past couple of weeks and I assume there's more next week because hell week is almost there. Oh and here's the sad thing about my school year this year, we all know Summer is already fast approaching and I guess everyone's going on their beach vacation whilst am stuck in school doing tons of plates to reach deadlines, to keep it short, I have no vacation except holidays and weekends, how about that. I think I 'm gonna be sick thinking school stuff here so let's stop it here.

Goodnight! x

February 28, 2014

Instaxed Adventures

outfit from the previous post here.
We attended a wedding in Batangas and go for a monochrome look. Curious about why I wore sneakers, don't be. I removed them afterwards and wore a nude heels for the event same thing goes to my sister (the one wearing red). Here's a cute thing about my dad that day, I told him that I'll take a photo of him using instax and he should keep it inside his wallet and he respond instantly with yes! I'll post his photo here soon (update - I'll borrow it first from him).

Me and Poleng joined the Love, Type - a lettering workshop of Abbey Sy and Denise. It was fun and exciting to learn artsy daisy from them. This event was held at the Third Cup Cafe in Katipunan (soft opening). The interior is lovely especially the bricks style behind our back. That's the one thing you should know about me is that I love bricks as a background, it kinda gives an illusion or something.

Mandatory photos with my siblings.

This was a long overdue 18th celebration with my high school friends in Fort. Floral prints is not overrated as seen above, Three of us are wearing floral print and that was not planned at all. Meat-all-you-can dinner made me feel so bloated!

February 23, 2014


Gap dress, Keds sneakers, Sunnies by Charlie.
Dress plus sneakers are just one of my comfort clothing items, also include the neutral colours. Basics that will make your overall look effortlessly classy. This striped skater dress is casual yet it makes itself formal when paired with nude heels.

It's been a sleepless night lately and cheers to more. But I can finally regain my sleep this week (definitely need one) because I only have one class this week.