February 28, 2014

Instaxed Adventures

outfit from the previous post here.
We attended a wedding in Batangas and go for a monochrome look. Curious about why I wore sneakers, don't be. I removed them afterwards and wore a nude heels for the event same thing goes to my sister (the one wearing red). Here's a cute thing about my dad that day, I told him that I'll take a photo of him using instax and he should keep it inside his wallet and he respond instantly with yes! I'll post his photo here soon (update - I'll borrow it first from him).

Me and Poleng joined the Love, Type - a lettering workshop of Abbey Sy and Denise. It was fun and exciting to learn artsy daisy from them. This event was held at the Third Cup Cafe in Katipunan (soft opening). The interior is lovely especially the bricks style behind our back. That's the one thing you should know about me is that I love bricks as a background, it kinda gives an illusion or something.

Mandatory photos with my siblings.

This was a long overdue 18th celebration with my high school friends in Fort. Floral prints is not overrated as seen above, Three of us are wearing floral print and that was not planned at all. Meat-all-you-can dinner made me feel so bloated!

February 23, 2014


Gap dress, Keds sneakers, Sunnies by Charlie.
Dress plus sneakers are just one of my comfort clothing items, also include the neutral colours. Basics that will make your overall look effortlessly classy. This striped skater dress is casual yet it makes itself formal when paired with nude heels.

It's been a sleepless night lately and cheers to more. But I can finally regain my sleep this week (definitely need one) because I only have one class this week.

February 14, 2014


Forever 21 top, Zara skirt, Keds sneakers.
Sneakily taking these photos with my sister in our neighbor's gate because of the flowers behind my back. 'Ah! just perfect for Valentine's day!' these words came instantly into my mind. Spread the love and just because I have no class today doesn't mean I won't give free hugs tomorrow. Happy Valentine's day, everyone! 

February 13, 2014

Flower Child

Next Jeans vest, Tutum shop boots.
I grabbed the opportunity to take series of photos while the sun is setting. Although, the setting is not as good as it may seem but I guess this will do for now. Valentine's day is just around the corner. For those who are single gal like me, don't you worry and invite your friends and spend a day together.

 I'll spend a day with my friend at the workshop this coming Saturday. Another way to celebrate Valentine's day, doing things we like together. Ahh! I can't wait for this workshop to start. "Learning is beautiful."

February 05, 2014


Cartoon Tee top, Giordano shorts, Keds sneakers. Photos by Erica.
The chilly weather yesterweek is now getting warmer. Starting to have a sweat festival with the weather's mood swings. And I think I should find a good shooting place from now on rather than sticking with this spot. Starting to find it boring already. Any suggestions?