July 27, 2014


Wearing: Cotton On dress, True Love denim, Converse

Obviously, the most basic and easiest thing to wear - stripes and denim. It's convenient for me to wear skirts than pants on rainy season. However, sneakers will never be okay during rainy season. I'm still in the midst of hunting the perfect rain jelly flats. So there you go, another basics on a lazy rainy season (though it's sunny in the pictures, mehehe).

July 18, 2014

What You Know

Wearing: Trendphile tee, mom's pants, Converse shoes

I must say hoarding from my mom's wardrobe will always be the best. I just always find good items in it just like my favourite store. There are just some stuff in it that feels like vintage-y and oldie but nopes! I knew it will be a good steal and that I can pull it off (Well, haha, kidding!). This jegging-ish pants is older than me (believe it or not) and I love how it's comfy and soft on the skin though the texture is kinda thick and not meant for the summer-ish season. But it's still a good steal, don't you think?

Constantly stating hundreds of reason on my mind right now for a long hiatus on this blog but once again apologizing for that. But I'm so glad I'm typing a post right now to share with you guys after (insert numbers here).

In addition to this post, I'm freakishly happy when Isabella of views of now reposted my artwork, link here. And because of that I reached 500 followers on my instagram! Thank you very much you guys are the best, especially Isabella thank you! xx