November 30, 2015

Love Yourself

The thing that I've been eyeing lately was anything that has to do with stripes and also channelling my inner minimalist self as I am about to be jumping around that kind of style. Finding your style and learning how to work your own style is vitally essential because it can boost your confidence about yourself without envying on others. That's what Poleng told me and am still working on it. So.. happy scrolling through my attempt for my little changes.

 Photos by Pauline Turqueza

x, N

November 19, 2015


Filling my almost abandoned online diary of post shoot last August. We're still on APEC week and don't have school but instead numerous drawing works are lined up waiting for me to accomplish everything. So here's a too-lazy-to-go-out get up and pretty much what's inside my head right now. Hope these photos brighten up your day even just a little. 

Photos by Pauline Turqueza

September 04, 2015

Shuffling Line

Back from a very long hiatus! Excitedly typing this post to update my little internet diary. It's been a long day today but I refuse that tiredness thought in my head for this and hoping for a good compliments though I may look as if I'm trying to look as serious as possible but honestly half-admitting that, well, not close enough. But still hoping you enjoy scrolling through these! x

Mango chambray shirt, F21 shorts and fedora hat, Topshop slip ons. Photos by Poleng.

June 26, 2015


School break is just about to end in a few days and the can-i-just-lay-down-on-the-bed-all-day feeling starts running in my head just thinking about it right now. I'm actually doing summer job in the past months until last week since I have a long break. Anyhow, enjoy scrolling! x

Wearing:  Plains & Prints top, Kara sapatos flats, Longchamp bag. Photos by Julianne.

June 08, 2015

Art Gallery - Pinto Art Museum

In my perspective, It's good to view things in its actual form rather than seeing it through photos, its because we appreciate the artworks more by looking in its actual form or painting and at the same time, we leisurely looking to paintings from different painters. Appreciating one's artwork is a must!

 Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City

April 20, 2015

Tuesday Blues

I reckon this post has the most jpeg above all my blog posts. Furthermore, it took me for ages to go on vacation like this huge thanks to my friends who invited me to come with them to Subic beach so some of our vacation get away will be seen below and on my instagram here. Hope you leisurely enjoy browsing! 

Left to right: Bee, me, Bianca and Paolo
Left to right: Aika and me
Left to right: Bee and Aika
Left to Right: Aika, Paolo and Bee
Me and my bad posture
Left to right: Bianca and Bee
Bee taking photos 
Me laughing by the shore

Photos taken on iPhone 4s and Canon DSLR.