June 26, 2015


School break is just about to end in a few days and the can-i-just-lay-down-on-the-bed-all-day feeling starts running in my head just thinking about it right now. I'm actually doing summer job in the past months until last week since I have a long break. Anyhow, enjoy scrolling! x

Wearing:  Plains & Prints top, Kara sapatos flats, Longchamp bag. Photos by Julianne.

June 08, 2015

Art Gallery - Pinto Art Museum

In my perspective, It's good to view things in its actual form rather than seeing it through photos, its because we appreciate the artworks more by looking in its actual form or painting and at the same time, we leisurely looking to paintings from different painters. Appreciating one's artwork is a must!

 Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City