November 30, 2015

Love Yourself

The thing that I've been eyeing lately was anything that has to do with stripes and also channelling my inner minimalist self as I am about to be jumping around that kind of style. Finding your style and learning how to work your own style is vitally essential because it can boost your confidence about yourself without envying on others. That's what Poleng told me and am still working on it. So.. happy scrolling through my attempt for my little changes.

 Photos by Pauline Turqueza

x, N

November 19, 2015


Filling my almost abandoned online diary of post shoot last August. We're still on APEC week and don't have school but instead numerous drawing works are lined up waiting for me to accomplish everything. So here's a too-lazy-to-go-out get up and pretty much what's inside my head right now. Hope these photos brighten up your day even just a little. 

Photos by Pauline Turqueza