December 27, 2016

Earth tone

Spent my Christmas morning eating out with my grandma and relatives and one of the things I always anticipate is what to wear however laziness joined my day in a last minute, a laid back look is given especially when it's a one piece dress that makes girl's life easier, don't you agree?

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays! ♡

Photo by sister.

x, N

December 04, 2016

Road to Exhibit

I'm so happy sharing this journey with you all, as you all know we had an exhibit last October 2016 and shared few photos of it on my previous post here. In addition, I compiled few of my snaps and photos before, during and after exhibit in a video here

x, N

November 21, 2016


Exhibit days are over and things weren't the same as before (like how these photos look) everything we built for over a month were gone in a day or so. 
As our batch returned back to reality, we're grad-waiting! And.. Adulting, that word, we're about to enter the adult world and I'm afraid that I'm still not ready for it. Well, most of us I think. But as a matter of fact, here I am wanting to earn for myself but currently enjoying the bum life that pretty much I deserve.

Photos by Poleng

x, N

October 19, 2016


Our PSID Evolution exhibit is still on going and it's open all day for the month of October! Come and bring your friends and see what the past, present future galleries look like. Here's a few photos our exhibit
Our neighbor booth, Modern Victorian

 From the past gallery's Warren Platner

 Also, from the past gallery's Hans Wegner

And of course, our booth, Booth 15 Modern Japanese!

x, N

October 04, 2016


When almost everyone is wearing ruby and emerald, I opted for turquoise for our opening night. If you've been watching over my instastory or my snapchat you probably knew that we're having an exhibit that opens for the whole month of October and it's free admission so why not drop by and see what me and my batch mates did in a 24sqm space. Here's the link with all the details about our exhibit. Hope to see you there! x

PS. Booth 15 - Modern Japanese is our booth, so vote for it! :)

Fujifilm X-A2

Photos by Poleng.

x, N

Two Pair

So here we are having a little shoot right after our bazaar (which is related to school stuff) and a sudden idea to shoot behind my friend's car (thanks Atria!) pops right out our minds and voila! 


Photos by Poleng.

x, N

July 31, 2016

Sending my love

After lots of thinking of what to blog, I decided to share what basically happened in my life in random order for the past few weeks or should I say for the month of July.

Spent one week at Momina's crib preparing for our hotel defense presentation and having no sleep is a thing

Went house hopping from Bambang to Binondo to Dasma Village

Went to Met Museum with my fav people and went to eat at Nihonbashitei, where the food is oh so delish

Party after defense because it's time to shake and have some fun after all we've done for the presentation, not mentioning it's good to have your first time with your fav people!

Watched and felt how bipolar the weather is

Let my foreign friend taste what 'dirty' ice cream tastes like

July 12th sunrise view from Binondo, and yes I'm just about to get some sleep when I took this shot after bonding with my new friend, Sketchup 

Helped my friend for his school work and we three are the subject

 Went to Wrong Ramen with my high school friends and to Barcino right after with my college buddies and it was fun, thanks Nina! Also went to Vikings the next day with my fam. These kind of events should happened in my life more often and I mean it haha

Back seat chronicles, my excuse for wanting to take more photos and experiment more using my sister's camera

Mandatory dog selfie on July 31st

x, N

June 16, 2016


Last week was one hella of a week, academics really takes over my life and my time and not letting me sleep.. okay maybe I'm exaggerating that, I did slept 2-3 hours and you know it's not enough. Despite of not having enough sleep, our defense for our museum plate is finally done and now sleep is a must but still have another plate to do (whilst letting out a deep sigh). I know I can survive this by cramming lol.

Photos by Poleng.

x, N

April 30, 2016

Love, March

So, another video diary is accomplished and it made me pretty excited in editing process; causing me laughter and reminiscing the moments of each videos. Enjoy! 

x, N

April 10, 2016

Hello Darling

I know I've been MIA again and when is that ever new? I was either busy with acads or nothing to post. Anyways, these photos were taken a month ago on the day of Philippine International Furniture Show (PIFS) - our school was one of the exhibitors there. 

Me and Denise went "matchy matchy" and surprisingly blended well with the background and I have nothing to say but silently appreciating the outcome. Also, had a lovely time taking photos with this sweet girl, cheers to more.

Loving this weekend, for the first time ever again of the year never felt this free from academics though it's just two days but it feels so good. If you've been following me on instagram, you'd know that I've been updating it from time to time and snapchat, procastinating at two or three in the morning. 

Photos by Poleng.

x, N

March 05, 2016

February Video Diary

Well.. This sums up my life in the month of February as we go along drowning with school works. But this doesn't stop me to make my first attempt on doing a video diary and I'm pretty excited to share it! Hope you all liked it. 

x, N

January 19, 2016


I know this is a long overdue.. though probably most people have seen them on my instagram here. This is what I wore to my cousin's wedding last year (December), when it comes to big events like this I'm more into a tone down palette such as nude, beige etc. pretty much because minimalist is running through my moodboard all year. 

Graduating this year, hopefully.. still not ready to start studying for the board and start working my butt off. So basically, I'll be busy this year with academics and all but for the meantime my instagram and snapchat is updated. 

Snapchat: nikkimarella

Photos by sister.

x, N