April 30, 2016

Love, March

So, another video diary is accomplished and it made me pretty excited in editing process; causing me laughter and reminiscing the moments of each videos. Enjoy! 

x, N

April 10, 2016

Hello Darling

I know I've been MIA again and when is that ever new? I was either busy with acads or nothing to post. Anyways, these photos were taken a month ago on the day of Philippine International Furniture Show (PIFS) - our school was one of the exhibitors there. 

Me and Denise went "matchy matchy" and surprisingly blended well with the background and I have nothing to say but silently appreciating the outcome. Also, had a lovely time taking photos with this sweet girl, cheers to more.

Loving this weekend, for the first time ever again of the year never felt this free from academics though it's just two days but it feels so good. If you've been following me on instagram, you'd know that I've been updating it from time to time and snapchat, procastinating at two or three in the morning. 

Photos by Poleng.

x, N