July 31, 2016

Sending my love

After lots of thinking of what to blog, I decided to share what basically happened in my life in random order for the past few weeks or should I say for the month of July.

Spent one week at Momina's crib preparing for our hotel defense presentation and having no sleep is a thing

Went house hopping from Bambang to Binondo to Dasma Village

Went to Met Museum with my fav people and went to eat at Nihonbashitei, where the food is oh so delish

Party after defense because it's time to shake and have some fun after all we've done for the presentation, not mentioning it's good to have your first time with your fav people!

Watched and felt how bipolar the weather is

Let my foreign friend taste what 'dirty' ice cream tastes like

July 12th sunrise view from Binondo, and yes I'm just about to get some sleep when I took this shot after bonding with my new friend, Sketchup 

Helped my friend for his school work and we three are the subject

 Went to Wrong Ramen with my high school friends and to Barcino right after with my college buddies and it was fun, thanks Nina! Also went to Vikings the next day with my fam. These kind of events should happened in my life more often and I mean it haha

Back seat chronicles, my excuse for wanting to take more photos and experiment more using my sister's camera

Mandatory dog selfie on July 31st

x, N