May 12, 2017

Boom Boom

In between those months that I was MIA, a little social life is a must to go through each and every single day (thanks to my lovely friends), sometimes catching up with some of my dearly friends after work, going to bazaars on Sundays (twice last month, not all the time) whilst sacrificing my only rest day but still worth it and having an endless battle with time, feelings and situation, endless.

Mentioned above, I've gone to a bazaar last month knowing that the online store Atom will be there and I needed a speaker that is good for travelling although I've been eyeing for much bigger size than this but this will do for now, it's small but the sound is loud and it's pretty cool thing! It also comes with different colors: black, gold, silver, and rose gold. This will be handy when travelling which I'm pretty excited about so watch out for my instastory or snapchat for that! ♡

Atom's Instagram here.

x, N

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