June 08, 2017


It's nearly the time of the month of June and I was inspired by Bonobos to dedicate this post to all the Dads out there, including mine who showered their parenting love and care to us. I'm going to share my Dad's style and how he blends in with us, the millennials. And if you're stumbling on a father's day gift, check out their style here.
2010 photo and in fact he's totally sporting that bomber jacket till now.
He's a jeans/pants type of a person like me and I was attempting to borrow his bomber but the size's just not for me and that is not cool so instead I went through his closet and fish out anything I could shoot for an outfit post, see here where I put on my Dad's sweater polo and style it and here where I put on my Dad's plaid button down polo long sleeves that is obviously too oversize for me.
His styles are pretty much consistent lately, jeans or pants, polo shirt with short sleeves and Adidas sneakers!

See what I mean, how he really blends in with us? Such a cutiepie
How about you, what's your Dad's style like? Don't forget to check out Bonobos for your Dad!

x, N

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