July 04, 2017

Singapore Photo Diary - Part Two

Concluded that our second day was the most productive and tiring day for us, not complaining about it though. It was such a fine day to do all sort of stuff in a day without raining but the time is honestly little to roam around the place. Despite of that I can say is that we really had an amazing time.


See Universal Studios: went for rides like every other kids wanting to ride a carousel. Transformers and Human rides are my fave!!

Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. It's cold inside especially when you enter the Cloud Forest, it's freezing but still bearable. Recommended for everyone who would want visit Singapore.

National Gallery Singapore: Art is all about appreciating and that includes the interior. There's more cool stuff inside besides my photos above.

Skypark / Marina Bay Sands: Sunset view of the city and we literally ran from Gardens by the Bay to catch the sunset, you just can't imagine how far we ran.

And that summarizes out Singapore trip. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Photos by me and Poleng.

x, N